Many of our cleaning tips contain harsh chemicals. Please follow individual safety instructions on each product.


Metholated Spirits

Will cut through the grease in the kitchen with ease – it is ideal for greasy cabinets, range hoods & general surfaces. Look for the vanilla scented option – its easier on the nose.


Eucalyptus Oil

Removes sticky marks left after removing stickers from doors and furniture. Start by dabbing the sticker with water, then slowly remove. Then dab with eucalyptus oil until it is all off.

It also repels cockroaches and can be added to the cloth on your steam mop to give your house a fresh, clean smell.



Will bring your bathroom back to a glimmering state. Fill a water spray container (similar to what you use for plants) with a mixture of half bleach and half water. Spray on mould in grouting. Leave it for 10 minutes then lightly scrub – re-apply if necessary. Additionally, bleach removes tea stains from the sink. Put the plug in and place just enough bleach to cover the surface. Leave it for 10 minutes then remove the plug … STAINS ARE GONE!



Can be used to clean all household surfaces, including windows. When cleaning windows, use newspaper for a streak free finish.


Carpet Dents

Professional steam cleaning usually works or steam  yourself by placing a wet cloth over the area and carefully ironing it … check continually. Another tip is to use an ice cube. Let it melt, then use a fork to gently pull the carpet fibres back up “fluffing” the carpet as you go.


Our Top Tip

Pin holes left from small picture hooks can look unsightly. Make them disappear by applying a small amount of with toothpaste with your finger.  It fills in the gap and hardens without any mess.