Everyone selling their home or investment property in Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs wants to get the best financial outcome possible. Over recent years it has been shown time and time again that enhancing your property prior to sale will ABSOLUTELY help in reaching your sales goal. Staged homes sell more quickly and for up to 10% more than unstaged homes.*

Property Styling Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Melbourne Property Stylists continually have feedback from Eastern Suburbs clients experiencing sales results which exceed their expectations AND they are convinced that the styling of their property played a significant part in these results. Some clients are initially a little cynical about the purpose of home styling, but invariably after the sale of their properties they become immediate “converts” and are quick to tell friends how happy they were with their decision.

Home staging Melbourne Eastern Suburbs

Home staging will enhance the overall presentation of your home in Melbourne's Eastern Suburbs.

Melbourne Property Stylists have the experience to view properties and ensure that they identify both the positive and negative aspects of each individual property. With their main aim being to ensure that customers are able to reap the rewards of their financial outlay, the ability to listen to and understand what clients require for their budget is paramount. The interior stylists at Melbourne Property Stylists also know what the real estate industry is demanding at the time of sale. This may vary from suburb to suburb and working throughout Melbourne & surrounds gives Melbourne Property Stylists great insight into what is relevant. Experience in knowing the type of prospective buyers who will be viewing your property and the expectations of these buyers, ensures that the styling of your property will enhance the overall presentation of your home.

We have all seen property listings which feature vacant, unfurnished properties. BORING! They look uninspiring and unloved to potential buyers. It makes it difficult to visualise the purpose of each room and how you will live in the property when all you see is blank walls and bare floors. Viewing properties that have been beautifully home staged with furnishings that flow from room to room, will capture the buyers’ attention and help them imagine themselves living in the home.

Melbourne Property Stylists are able to obtain these types of outcomes for their clients. With great interior styling, potential buyers coming through properties on Open Days will often remember particular items, even as small as accessories on a dining table. These can be the triggers for remembering your property above the others.

The costs of property styling is based on individual requirements and the level of home staging desired. For those with a tight budget, Melbourne Property Stylists recommend staging key rooms, such as living areas and bedrooms, in order to give each space a purpose and visual impact. Working with a combination of existing furnishings and hired furnishings is something that is discussed with clients.

With an extensive range of furnishings available to them, Melbourne Property Stylists will style properties with on trend furnishings.

Hiring furniture and accessories means that clients don’t have an extra outlay for furniture they may not require in the future, yet their property is still meeting market expectations. This small investment will assist clients in making the best changes when preparing their property for sale.

Melbourne Property Stylists are styling properties and home staging throughout Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs.

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