Property Styling Geelong
Property Styling your home in Geelong prior to sale is the key to selling at anytime of the year.

Many people believe the best time to sell a property is during the spring months – statistics from The Mortgage Report show properties generally sell quicker and for on average 5.9% higher. However no time is good if the market is slow. The best time of year depends on the market in which you’re selling.

As property owners NOW is the time to get your home ready for sale if you employ a professional property stylist. It’s the easy, effective and “result focused” way to get the best bang for your buck and give your home the “va va voom” needed to sell at the optimum price possible.

Home staging in Geelong is the easy and inexpensive way to get a great up-to-date look for your property

Melbourne Property Stylists are professionals with an eye for detail and extensive experience in the real estate market. Home staging can be daunting but with the assistance of friendly and helpful interior stylists it can become a joy and not a chore. The stylists will give advice regarding renting furniture for your property anywhere in Geelong. With a wide range of furnishings available to chose from, injecting the right accessories, artwork and furniture ensures that you will show potential buyers the great assets of your home.

Melbourne Property Stylists have modern, stylish furnishings which enhance your home. A strategically placed piece of artwork will draw the buyers eye away from any negatives in a room. Bright throw rugs, cushions and accessories will bring “spring” inside and stage the home to enable prospective buyers to visualise their family living there.

The stylists from Melbourne Property Stylists will ensure that there is a “flow” to your home, furnishings that match and accessories that enhance. Very few people have the means to purchase matching furniture for their entire home and renting furniture lets this happen. When your home is sold, the team at Melbourne Property Stylists will quickly and efficiently remove all the rented furnishings and you can relax and enjoy the celebration of your “spring” home sale at anytime of the year.

Stage your home in Geelong for a successful sale with Melbourne Property STYLISTS.

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