I had a phone call from the owner of a Fitzroy unit telling me he did not want my property styling services. I wondered why he called me! He then went on to ask me exactly what I did….

To put it simply, property styling (or home staging) is how you decorate and accessorise a property that’s up for sale to ensure that it looks its very best during inspections. For some properties that might just mean tidying up and cleaning, while others might require the services of a professional to ensure the best possible sale outcome.

Why should the owner in Fitzroy hire a property stylist?

Everyone who puts their home up for sale hopes to get the best possible price for it, but not as many people are really willing to invest in the presentation of that home.

One of the benefits of hiring a property stylist is quite simply that vacant properties look less appealing.

While home staging does come with a price tag, consider it an investment that will yield considerable returns come auction day. Vacant, unfinished properties look unloved, uninspiring and unwanted. A well styled property with interiors that complement the residence and furnishings that “flow” from room to room will help prospective buyers to imagine themselves living in the house, and make them that little bit keener to buy.

The owner of the Fitzroy unit changed his mind about my services and was thankful he did – the photos tell the story!

We are successfully styling properties and staging homes in Fitzroy.

Why hire us for styling your unit for sale?

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