The cost of property styling services

We offer a ‘PACKAGE’, however we style each property individually and you’re not limited to a minimal number of pieces per room. Our aim is to style your property to its full potential. Every property is different which is why we select the furniture each and every time.

Our packages are for 6 weeks in total, 4 weeks paid + 2 weeks free
We extend our free period over Easter and Christmas because we’re nice!

1 x Bedroom Apartments/Units $2000 + GST
2 x Bedroom Apartments/Units/Houses $2500 + GST
3 x Bedroom Apartment/Units/Houses $3000 + GST
Additional Bedrooms
$400 – $500 + GST

Additional Living Areas
$800 – $1000 + GST

$200 – $300 + GST

*Conditions apply. Prices can be subject to change

Pay for your property styling services with a Payment Plan

Thinking about getting property styling services as you make your home ready for sale? Melbourne Property Stylists is pleased to be able to offer our customers top quality home styling services, plus a new and more affordable way to pay for it.

By selecting this option, our customers can now pay for our services with a payment plan that allows them to spread the cost of their home styling over 3 or 6 months. Even better, there is no minimum amount required, although certain terms and conditions do apply.


What are the terms and conditions?

Customer establishment fee: $40

Customer deposit: 20% of total invoice value, payment to be made upfront

Customer processing fee per payment: $2.95 per weekly repayment, or $3.95 per fortnightly repayment

Additional surcharges apply and will be mentioned in your quote, or speak to us for more information.

What are the benefits of the Payment Plan?

1. Pay by instalments

Our Payment Plan is ideal for clients who prefer to pay in instalments, as it allows them to make payments over 3 or 6 months, interest free.

2. Style now, pay later

Most of our clients use Melbourne Property Stylists to get their home ready for sale. The Payment Plan gives them the opportunity to style now without having to pay upfront. Clients using this method get home styling services and furniture into their property straight away in order to maximise the sale of their home. The cost can then be paid by instalments over time, even past the settlement date.

3. Maximise the benefits of your investment property

For clients who use our services for an investment property, the Payment Plan allows them to pay the tax deductible cost of home styling in instalments. This improves cash flow while allowing them to maximise their property’s sale price.


Want to know more? Contact Melbourne Property Stylists today for more information. As one of the rare few property stylists who offer our clients the option of a Payment Plan, we would love the opportunity to explain it to you in more detail.