Affordable Interior Design Solutions for Australia - Online!

E-Styling is an online service that allows clients from anywhere in Australia to liaise with our interior stylists in Melbourne. We can create the look you want to achieve despite time and distance constraints. Together we will create a space to be proud of, within a budget you are comfortable with.

As consumers we are spoilt for choice when it comes to redecorating and it can be a daunting process to find affordable interior designers in Melbourne. The thought of where to start can be paralysing.

Interior designers doing interior styling jobs in Melbourne can be perceived as inaccessible to everyday people, their services reserved for the rich, or on a wish list for ‘when we win TattsLotto’. Interior designers charge a call out fee (generally $300-$700) for a consultation, plus an hourly rate for as long as your project runs. It’s common for clients to spend $10,000 + on redecorating their home.

Melbourne Property Stylists understand that spending $10,000 to redecorate is out of the reach for most people. Our E-Styling service is both innovative and affordable with a flat rate of $99 per room. Our service is accessible to everyday people that want to create a space to love and be proud of with their presentation on home decoration. Best of all the cost is credited back 100% should you wish to purchase items from our online store A Few

How can I design my own interior?

Mood Boards, Floor Plans & Shopping List for Your Online Interior Design Project

With us “How to dress a room for sale?” doesn’t have to be complicated. Submit photos of your room along with all dimensions and complete a questionnaire which includes the budget, needs for the room and any images of a style you would like to achieve. Your Melbourne interior stylist will then begin to design your space, creating a mood board around your style preferences and utilising existing and proposed furnishings to suit your room.

Mood boards contain clear images, measurements and pricing to assist clients in visualising the final result. Mood boards can include paint swatch colours, wallpaper ideas, window treatment suggestions, rugs, fabrics, as well as furniture, lighting and interior styling for your Melbourne home. Links to online stores to purchase suggested pieces are also included. Everything is delivered to your inbox so the team have the ability to service clients all over Australia.

Among reputed interior decorating firms, the team behind Melbourne Property Stylists have the ability to create whatever interior style your heart desires be it styling lounge room or putting up kitchen styling for sale. We can tap into endless suppliers achieving discounts not available to the general public.

Online interior design Melbourne

Online Interior Design Melbourne

Affordable Online Interior Design

The world is changing at a rapid rate & business owners need to move with the times. Everything we do for home styling interiors is being automated and interior design is about to be redefined.

The driving force behind our E-Styling service was inspired by 12-year-old Jackson, son of MPS director Cheree. Jackson is already a creative ‘interior designer’ in the making, building his own house on apps such as Minecraft & sourcing interior decorating ideas via Pinterest and our popular online shopping site A Few The enthusiasm Jackson showed in building his ‘dream’ home motivated the creative team at MPS to create a service that assists people to design a space to love in the real world.

People look at redecorating or dressing houses for sale for a number of reasons; they often get sick of looking at the same pieces. Our circumstances can change, upsizing or downsizing a property, a new baby, a new love, dare I say the loss of a partner – the reasons are endless.

It’s widely thought that unless you’re going to purchase silk rugs, velvet sofas and original art work an interior decorator wouldn’t be interested in assisting you! What a horrible thought, unless you have $$$ you’re not worthy. Small changes such as rearranging furniture are a great start, you can then add inexpensive items such as art work, cushions, throw rugs and carefully chosen decorator items to change the look and feel of your space.

The way we perceive the environment we live in has a huge influence on our sense of wellbeing and health. At MPS we believe interior design should be available to everyone. If you think you need a change, don’t hesitate in reaching out to our interior design home staging team. The styling team at Melbourne Property Stylists are approachable and friendly regardless of your budget or circumstances.

Online styling

For further information, please contact Melbourne Property Stylists or give them a call on 1300 440 193 to discuss your online interior design project with our top interior stylists.