Tired of staging homes or property for sale? Do you want to de-stress your life and sell your Melbourne property quickly and for the best price you can? How?

Utilise the home staging expertise of the interior stylists at Melbourne Property Styling.

What is the Importance of Getting Your Home Staged?

Doing house staging to sell your property is something no home owner should miss. It is the process of preparing a property for sale by improving its appearance and appeal to potential buyers. Staged spaces in Melbourne or an area around you attract more buyers, sell for a higher price, and tend to sell faster than unstaged homes. While it is possible to stage your own home, many homeowners choose to hire professional house stagers in Melbourne for their expertise, access to resources, flexible fee structure for home staging, and time-saving benefits. Professional home stagers in Melbourne have an eye for design, access to furniture and décor, and can help to maximize the value of your property by creating an environment that will appeal to a wide range of buyers. Overall, staging houses in Melbourne for sale can be a smart investment, and hiring a professional staging company can help to ensure that you get the best possible results.

Home staging can increase the sale price of your property by up to 10%.*

As a top home staging company in Melbourne, Australia the Melbourne property market remains competitive, which means that you need to give yourself every advantage possible when it comes auction time. Melbourne Property Stylists reputation throughout Melbourne is well established, with many happy clients who have been able to sell their homes quickly and with little fuss. Having someone assist with the staging of your home when preparing to sell is the only way to go. Our Melbourne home staging is an easy way to update your homes’ interior and impress the buying market. Having a well-furnished home is a huge selling point and leads potential buyers to realise the ‘liveability’ of your property.

Up to 90% of home buyers search online first* - home staging for sale makes your photos standout from the crowd.

For a successful sale, you need to make your house as appealing as possible to prospective buyers. When potential buyers are impressed by the interior styling, they’re more likely to be impressed by the property as a whole. Being able to do home staging and styling your house for sale in Melbourne means you have the “look” that is on trend to sell your home. At Melbourne Property Stylists the variety of furniture we can select for your home is extensive and up to date. With professional staff ensuring that they avail themselves of the best possible furnishings and accessories, you reap the benefit.

Styles are continually changing and being able to afford to buy your own furnishings is often out of the question. To see your house with items of furniture that flow from area to area and room to room enables buyers to focus on the positive aspects of your home. Simple accent items such as art work and rugs can draw the eye of buyers away from negative areas. Over 80% of the furniture rental in Melbourne provided by Melbourne Property Stylists is new, so you know you are getting the best for your house staging costs in Melbourne.

Staged homes spend on average 73% less time on the market than unstaged homes.*

Another absolute bonus is that we are a home staging company where the stylists are always keen to utilise what you have in your house if possible. When staging your house for sale in Melbourne, they know that home staging costs need to be kept down and therefore ensure that they are not “over styling” or creating a “fussy” look. Keeping your look professional, friendly, up to date and within budget will ensure that the process of furniture hire for selling houses in Melbourne is a pleasant and beneficial exercise for everyone involved.

Tired of looking up “home stagers near me”? Stage your home for a successful sale with Melbourne Property STYLISTS. For more information on our affordable home staging services in Melbourne, please visit our home staging website.