Street Appeal

First impressions of your property begin from the front fence. If the front of your house is untidy with weeds, a rotten unpainted fence, cob webs …. WHY?

Would buyers want to look further? You will need to tuck the bins around the side, tidy up the garden, clean the outside of the house. You can leave the front light & hall light on to give the property a warm welcoming glow when buyers drive past after hours.


De clutter

It’s very difficult for potential buyers to imagine living in your property if it’s cluttered. Too much furniture will make a room feel small. When selling, your property should feel open and spacious. Excess furniture and personal items need to be removed.



Complete all of the small maintenance jobs you have been thinking about fixing. Buyers will devalue your property if they think there is work that needs to be done. Buyers won’t see the cost of a new light fitting at $40 or a leaking tap as a $2 washer. They see $1000 in light fittings, $500 Plumber, $2000 Painter etc…. Maintenance issues give buyers ammunition to offer less based on what is plain to see.



A little bit of elbow grease goes a long way.  Clean EVERYTHING! You will also need to air it out and let in as much natural light as possible.  In all honesty there is no bigger turn off to potential buyers than a dirty, stuffy, dimly lit property.  You can use oil diffusers, plug in air fresheners, scented candles or room sprays to assist.



You need to show buyers what their life will look like in your property. A junk room isn’t going to get the kids jumping up and down about where they would sleep if this was their next house. Equally a vacant void at the top of the stairs won’t give the illusion of a study without a bit of help.It’s EXTREMELY important to think of the buyer and what their needs are, not yours.

As experienced property styling and furniture rental specialists, we have a tried and tested formula that we have crafted over the years. Take a look through our style gallery to see how we work.